How to Build a Culture of Trust

How to Build a Culture of Trust

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While many of your Baby Boomer employees may have implicitly trusted their employers from day one, the employer-employee relationship has changed significantly in the last decade—yet many approaches to creating company culture haven’t evolved accordingly.

Today, dissatisfied employees don’t just air their grievances around the water cooler. Instead, they increasingly take to social media to air their workplace’s issues, and vote with their feet by ditching toxic workplace cultures without concern for their length of tenure.

So how can you adapt? By building a culture of trust where leaders will do what they say they’ll do. This takes an integrated, cross-functional approach—with the C-suite, talent leaders, HR leaders, In-house counsel, and compliance leaders working together, sharing their respective concerns, and jointly creating an integrated, balanced culture that employees trust.

In this webinar, led by talent expert Steve Cadigan and employee relations and legal expert Janine Yancey, Founder and CEO, Emtrain, we’ll cover three key strategies to build a culture of trust:

  1. Assembling a cross-functional, integrated team to work on culture.
  2. Balancing core values with business necessities
  3. Using a diagnostic to measure the culture

How to Build (or continue building) a Culture of Trust
Webinar Details

SPEAKERS: Janine Yancey, CEO, Emtrain and Steve Cadigan, President, Cadigan Talent Ventures
CONTINUING EDUCATION: This webinar will be eligible for HRCI credits.

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