Prepare for the Return to Work and Recruit Top Talent

Prepare for the Return to Work and Recruit Top Talent

Emtrain hosted this live webinar on June 9th, 2021.

Only half of employees feel their organization has a genuine commitment to inclusion, according to Emtrain’s 2021 Workplace Culture Report on Inclusion. In today’s social climate, a failure to create a strong, inclusive workplace culture can impact both employee retention and recruitment. Employers should ask themselves: Is my Return to Office (RTO) Plan inclusive? Has my organization followed up on its commitment to diversity and inclusion? Do we have the tools needed to measure the efficacy of our DEI tactics?


In 2020, women left the workforce in droves, many of them working mothers. With schools reopening, steady vaccine distribution, and the economy beginning to recover, we can expect to see a large group of very qualified individuals reenter the workforce. If companies want to both hold onto and recruit top talent, they need to acknowledge the realities that come with unprecedented social challenges.

In this webinar, we:

    • Shared a data driven assessment of workplace inclusion as it pertains to working women, pre and post-pandemic
    • Provided actionable tips for building a foundation for inclusion in recruiting and retention now
    • Guidance on how you could help your organization build a Return to Office Plan that can benefit, rather than damage, company culture

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