Company Morale and Its Effect on Your Workplace

Do you ever ask yourself “Where did the energy go?”

What happened to the productive and motivated office you once walked in to?

It’s no secret that maintaining the same charisma that pulls new hires in is a daunting task. Over time monotony can consume a workplace, and the day-to-day tasks that employees once approached energetically are now feeling like droning tasks. This leads to a decrease in company morale, which directly effects office productivity.

As a manager, it is your duty to help your team rise above the dreary tasks that make up the average work day and keep the office productive.

Company Morale and Its Effect on Your Workplace

First Things First

If you are looking to significantly improve company morale, go back to basics. Identify the type of culture that you want present at the core of your workspace. In what areas can you promote this culture? An upbeat office culture and a common cause are key ingredients in bringing employees together, and both are major influencers over office morale.

A recent article by stated that workplace morale is determined by employee job satisfaction, attitude, and outlook on job function.

Without a high morale, your company may suffer. In turn, the success of your business will affect the willingness of your employees to exceed expectations and work harder towards organizational goals. Without clearly defined desired outcomes and proper maintenance of company culture, your organization will fail to use its employees to their fullest potential.

Every Employee Has a Purpose

At the end of the day, it is the individual employee who determines whether or not they feel useful and beneficial to the organization. But it is the management team and the senior officers who influence company-wide culture, and provide the positive influences that are required to maintain high morale.

Include the importance of each job function in your mission statement; show your employees that they matter and tell them why! The overall success of your company is ultimately dependent on the morale of your employees. What are you doing to improve that morale?

Alicia Busse

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