HR Compliance

Lawful Employee Termination

Disciplining or terminating an employee can be challenging. Make sure to do it lawfully. We'll show you how!

This course teaches managers how to safely discipline and/or terminate an employee so the management decision is based on well-documented, sound business reasons that will not surprise the employee.

This course teaches managers:

  • Legal concepts affecting managers’ ability to terminate.
  • How to document specific, legitimate business reasons for the management action.
  • How to create a discipline situation that is clear and transparent to any third party to avoid disputes or claims regarding the motivation for the discipline.

  • Learners can submit questions anonymously to our Workplace expert for best practices and insight.

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    Course expert is Nestor Barrero, VP of Employment Law at NBCUniversal.

    Teaches managers how to safely discipline or terminate an employee.

    Includes video scenes to demonstrate what a clear and transparent discipline situation looks like.


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    30 minutes in length.

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