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Everybody has an opinion about what the workforce thinks. Be the person with the facts.

You know what they say about opinions. Everyone has one. When trying to drive change across an organization, opinions can be the death of progress. If we can’t agree on the current state of the workplace experience, it’s hard to agree on the actions we need to take to improve it. Even worse, if we all have the same opinion (groupthink) and it’s wrong, our action plan might make the situation worse. However, companies can take the guessing out of the equation if they have data and analytics to provide context about where the state of a company’s workplace health. 

Emtrain Analytics can be that critical resource that allows companies to make educated decisions. It can provide a fact base to any conversation about the health of your culture and how your people experience it. 

Get informed

Sometimes data has the most impact when it adds clarity to a conversation in-progress. Being prepared and having a wider scope of understanding will help organizations be ready for these conversations. When using Emtrain analytics, we provide specific and clear categories, Workplace social indicators, that organizations can dive deeper into to get a better understanding. Spending time understanding the workplace social indicator scores and their behaviors can help you see in real-time when a discussion about your workforce is related to the attitudes, behaviors and skills that are measured by your indicator scores. That can allow you to provide a data-informed perspective to what might have been another opinion-based discussion.

Stay informed

Cultures are constantly evolving. New joiners bring new experience and perspectives. Outside events put pressure on cultural norms. Changes in the larger economy require changes in business plans. If you’re delivering ongoing training from the Emtrain library, as part of new hire programs, ongoing talent development or a rolling approach to compliance training, you can use Emtrain Analytics indicator and question scores to track changes over time. Keeping an eye on those changes can help you provide data to inform others about how your workforce is responding to change.

Do your research

The social health of your organization impacts any goal or plan that requires the coordinated action of your people – which is pretty much everything! We use factor analysis to combine the responses to individual questions for indicator scores. But the data from individual questions provides a wealth of insight on specific workplace attitudes and behaviors. If you or someone you work with has a question about the employee experience, try browsing the individual question reports for insight.

Developing a reputation as a person who speaks with a data-informed perspective is a great way to grow your impact as a game-changer. Emtrain Analytics can be a powerful tool in making you a go-to resource on the attitudes and behaviors of your workforce.

For more information on how Emtrain can help nurture your culture, contact us.

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