Lawful Employee Termination Training

Lawful Employee Termination Online Training Course

Terminating employment—like hiring—is a baked-in part of managing people and organizations, but it is also difficult, unpleasant and a particular challenge to less experienced managers.The decision to terminate an employee sets in motion a number of duties of the employer to handle the termination the right way. Managers should shepherd a process that preserves the dignity of the terminated employee, gives remaining employees confidence that the company treats employees fairly, and minimizes the risk that an angry employee will file a claim.Despite its importance, terminations are also a skill on which managers rarely receive training. Good training gives managers the tools they need to understand and navigate what can often be a trying and potentially risky task.

Course Description
This course teaches managers how to safely discipline and/or terminate an employee so the management decision is based on well-documented, sound business reasons that will not surprise the employee. It introduces the legal concepts affecting managers’ ability to terminate, how to document specific, legitimate business reasons for the management action, and how to create a discipline situation that is clear and transparent to any third party to avoid disputes or claims regarding the motivation for the discipline. Learners also have direct access to Emtrain’s course experts and can anonymously ask questions via our innovative Expert Q&A feature.

Course Snapshot

Course length: 30 minutes

Audience: Managers and employees

Key Concepts

  • Teaches managers how to safely discipline or terminate an employee
  • Key legal concepts relating to termination, including at-will status, constructive discharge, and defamation
  • How to create a discipline situation that is clear and transparent to any third party to avoid disputes or claims regarding the motivation for the discipline
  • Includes video scenes to demonstrate what a clear and transparent discipline situation looks like
  • How to avoid claims and disruption related to terminations

Course Features

  • Gives learners access to Emtrain Expert for best practices on this topic
  • Tailored to include your branding and policy
  • Available in English

Program Experts

Patti Perez is on a mission to transform workplace culture. She combines her experience as a licensed California attorney, a professionally-certified HR executive, a specialist in the prevention and resolution of workplace drama, an expert witness in state and federal court, a state regulator, and as an entrepreneur to create a revolutionary shift in the way we communicate and make decisions at work.

Patti serves as VP of Workplace Strategy for Emtrain to help us in our mission to create healthier workplace cultures. This role helps her to leverage technology solutions to deliver engaging, informative, and pragmatic content and also allows her to provide thought leadership on workplace training issues. Patti recently launched her book The Drama-Free Workplace to share her and the company’s expertise to help business leaders understand causes, effects, and solutions to common workplace problems related to sexual harassment, bias and diversity, and ethics lapses.

Emtrain founder and CEO Janine Yancey is a passionate advocate for healthy workplace cultures. Janine’s unique approach blends technology, behavioral science, data analytics, and social media inspired interactions to help inform and improve workplace behavior. Janine presides over a team of experts and an extensive library of content including courses, video, resource guides, checklists and analytic reports that define the modern workplace.

Janine is a proponent of neutral, third-party guidance and problem-solving. By orchestrating a publicly-accessible community interface for employee questions and concerns, Janine stays at the forefront of real world, real-time harassment, bias, discrimination, and ethics issues.

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