Micro-Learning Video Messages

Quick | Effective | Flexible

What if you could create a custom micro-learning course ready to send to your workforce in just 3 minutes?

Microlearning designed to quickly and easily send and report on short video lessons for your organization. Integrate training into employees' busy work day. Extend training beyond a one-time event to an ongoing program, or address a hotspot issue on demand.

For Administrators

Browse our library of workplace scenarios, select the course your team needs training on, and create your lesson…


We crowd-source our video scenarios from workplace events and our community of employers - to ensure our lessons feel contemporary and relevant to today’s workplace challenges


Each video includes a workplace scene with a prepared lesson and messaging. You can use our content, or create your own in real time to deliver company-specific information and guidance.

Tailored Content

Use included tools to edit lessons or create content tailored to your workplace - including company specific questions that employees answer.

For Learners

Deliver lessons right to your learner’s inbox. Video lessons can be completed in under 3 minutes anytime, anywhere.


Concise, just in time videos effectively grab attention and deliver your message. Recipients can view videos and complete lessons in under 3 minutes anywhere, anytime.

Reinforce or Respond

Video lessons reinforce your training program or help you quickly respond to a current event or immediate need. Deliver to everyone or target your message to specific audiences.

Flexible Delivery

3 Minute Video Lessons can be delivered to tablets, laptops and desktops, making it easy for everyone.

Insightful Reporting Included!

Insightful reporting reveals whether recipients opened your email,
played the video scenario and how they answered included questions.

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